Sunday, March 22, 2020

Plugging the leak in the boat, by whatever means necessary

There's an old story about a couple of people who are riding in a small boat when it suddenly starts to leak.  One person tries to do something to keep the boat from sinking, but the other refuses, saying that the leak isn't their fault.  The fact that the boat is going to sink with them in it and that they're going to drown, no matter how the leak originated, doesn't seem to occur to them.

I'm reminded of that story by what's going on in Washington, DC now.  Call me a cynic and I'll plead guilty as charged, but I'm convinced that the only reason why Trump, Pence, and the Republican-majority Senate have finally gotten off their collective duffs and actually begun to do at least something about the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic is that they were losing a fortune on the stock market.

At this point, I don't care.  Some government officials are devoid of compassion and think their job is to crush the competition, and if the only way to convince them to do something for their country is the loss of cold cash, I'll take it.



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